Todd Levine of Kluger Kaplan gets The Best Lawyers in America Recognition

The Best Lawyers in America publication is one of the most revered publications in the nation’s legal sector. This publication is a list of the top lawyers in the country and is compiled through a comprehensive peer-review evaluation. Additionally, the compilation also involves voting of more than 87,000 legal sector professionals with voting rights. In the 2019 edition of this publication, more than 7.8 million votes were analyzed, and Todd Levine made it to the list. Todd is a celebrated commercial lawyer and also a founding member of Kluger Kaplan, a commercial litigation law firm located in Miami, Florida.

An exemplary attorney

This recognition does not come as a surprise as Todd Levine is an exemplary attorney. He has been working as a commercial litigator with a focus on real estate disputes for more than 27 years now. He is popular for his outstanding ability to come up with unique winning strategies by leveraging his analytical and creative skills. This Kluger Kaplan lawyer has represented the contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, investors, and property managers in complex disputes relating to real estate transactions and projects throughout his career. Todd Levine has also handled several sports and entertainment industry disputes during this time.

Upholding integrity and professionalism

In light of this recognition, Todd Levine said that he was looking forward to upholding his integrity and professionalism. This is not only to push forward his career but also to bring more success to Kluger Kaplan. Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan who are Todd’s partners in the law firm were also recognized in this publication. They all promised to work together to also push up the stellar reputation of Kluger Kaplan as the go-to firm for all matter’s commercial litigation. The three partners pointed out that their success has been made possible also by their excellent team back at the office.

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