EOS lip Balm Review – Exploring fruit flavors

EOS lip balm has many attractive characteristics associated with it. It is all-natural and not loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives, which can harm the flavor and provide allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin. 

EOS lip balm has a true dedication to quality and the use of high quality ingredients such as coconut oil or Shea butter, depending on the variety of EOS lip balm that you are choosing, can have a significant impact on the lip balm experience. Even their lip balm applicator is unique and designed to provide a luscious and smooth application, that is somewhat of a requirement due to EOS lip balm standing for the evolution of smooth, which is also sanitary to use and stands out in the handbag of a woman using the lip balm.

My favorite lip balm flavors tend to be those that are fruit flavored. I used to use the cherry flavored lip balms from competing brands but realize that those now all have a painfully medicinal taste to me after trying a superior brand in EOS. EOS lip balm fruit flavors actually taste like the fruits that they are trying to represent. Wild mango tastes like mangos, while strawberry sorbet has a real taste of strawberries in it. Some of the fruit mixes like wild berry, pomegranate raspberry, and summer fruit are all enticing. Plus, EOS lip balm comes out with new flavors all the time and these fruit flavors are generally fairly amazing.

Once you try EOS lip balm you will be hard pressed to return to some of the other inferior brands that are out there. They don’t put the same level of care into their brands and serve a generally inferior product overall that is not worth using. EOS lip balms are longer lasting and the premium price that they cost are well worth the investment.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Release Biolage R.A.W. a Line of 100% Natural Hair Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President of L’Oreal’s professional division Matrix/Biolage. He has worked to create Biolage R.A.W. a line of all-natural and vegan professional hair care products. Biolage R.A.W. came from consumer demand who wanted all-natural products to be used when getting their hair done. They wanted products they are made from natural ingredients, that are environmentally sustainable, are chemical free and work as well as regular hair care products. As you could imagine, this was a tough challenge to tackle but Bethelmy-Rada and the Matrix team were able to create a line of products that met these demands.

When developing Biolage R.A.W. the first thing the team did was make sure the product was completely sustainable in both ingredients makeup and packaging. They made sure that all ingredients were 100% vegan and were only sourced from plants, honey, seaweed, minerals, and even fungi. A few of the ingredients used include Bolivian quinoa husk, Bulgarian coriander, and Moroccan volcanic clay. No silicone, sulfates or parabens were used in the production. Dan Bethelmy-Rada didn’t want Biolage R.A.W. to be naturally inspired but 100% all-natural and this shows with the quality of ingredients.

The packing of the products themselves is environmentally sustainable as it’s made from 100% recycled plastic. While the products themselves are 98% biodegradable.

Aside from providing stylists with top of the line all-natural products, Matrix is also working to boost stylist’s education. They have partnered with stylists from over 700 salons to teach them how to be more environmentally sustainable in their daily practices. These include learning to use less water and less power in their daily practices. After starting at the largest cosmetic’s company in the world in 2011, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has worked his way up to become Global Brand President by 2015. He continues to innovate and come up with new products that keep L’Oreal as a trusted name brand in the hair care industry.

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Sunday Riley Pays Captain Marvel Tribute With “Good Genes” Product

A new favorite among consumers, Sunday Riley’s products are known to be highly effective and easy to use. Its products are also popular with the consumers who are checking items in Sephora, a chain of personal care and beauty product based in France. One of their products, the Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment.

Brand new packaging design for the Good Genes product that features Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” design was released. This new Good Genes packaging design is made possible by Marvel’s partnership with Sunday Riley in the light of Marvel’s upcoming “Captain Marvel” film. Brie Larson will be playing the titular superhero. Featured in the box is a picture of Captain Marvel while her crest is featured in the product’s bottle. The effort is to catch the attention of Marvel fans to try the product and vice versa and is only offered in limited edition

There are no changes in the formula of Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. The product has been one of Sunday Riley’s best selling item because of its effective formula giving the skin a radiant and smoother complexion. Infused with lactic acid, which serves as an exfoliant, Good Genes breaks down dead skin without the need for a strong and aggressive face scrubs. In addition to its exfoliant factor, it is also known to even out the skin tone using licorice and lemongrass formula. With its anti-aging properties, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation will be gone too. It comes in two sizes, a 30mL bottle for $105 and a 50mL bottle for $158.

Good Genes is one of Sunday Riley’s most popular products, but the company also offers more products such as the Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, which is known to use green tea extracts. This product uses Matcha green tea because of its tonic and antimicrobial properties that are known for its good effect on hair and skin. In addition to this, Matcha leaves are known to be rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids. The Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, which is available in 50mL and 130mL sizes, are also available in Sephora. It removes oil and tightens pores for clear skin.