Neurocore Find Great Success With Neurofeedback

As one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders among children between the ages of 4 and 17, it can often be overwhelming dealing with a child who has the condition known as ADHD but, fortunately, Neurocore is here to help.

Neurocore is an alternative therapy tech company founded by Dr. Tim Royer in 2004. With nine facilities in Michigan and Florida, Neurocore makes Neurological and Biofeedback assessments to manage stress and regulate sleep in children and adults.

Neurocore’s Neurofeedback protocols aims to increase brain function to promote a healthier lifestyle. Rewarding positive feedback through brain training, aims to reinforce positive habits and construct neural pathways. In time, Neurocore hopes to act as an effective alternative to certain medications

One of their big success stories is Jackson Pojeski whose mother brought him in for treatment after he was suffering from meltdowns, difficulty focusing in class and sleep issues. Despite never being officially diagnosed, the treatments proved to be rather successful with the mother claiming her son did a complete 180 and that he’s happier than ever. So you may be wondering how the treatment process works. Well, they place the children in a room and show them a film which continues playing as long as they remain calm.

However, if they begin exhibiting symptoms of anxiety or stress, the picture begins shrinking or sometimes it even pauses. Eventually, the brain begins recognizing these patterns and adjusting its neural patterns accordingly. While they’re watching the film, their brains are hooked up to electrodes which enables the scientists to monitor and track their brainwaves as the treatment continues on. Visit This Page for additional information.

Of course, Neurocore have had some complaints and negative feedback over the years with some patients claiming it can often be difficult to obtain an appointment but, for the most part, reception to these treatments has been rather positive.

Another success story is a kid by the name of Landon Kooiker. He was brought in for treatment due to the fact that he had a bad habit of compulsively biting his nails all the time. However, after just two years of treatment, his mother says that the nail biting has stopped altogether and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

The statistics say it all as results have shown that over three-quarters of their patients have either reduced the amount of medication they need to consume or stopped taking it altogether. While it can be rather pricey, they do accept all forms of insurance so there is no need for anyone to pay out of pocket. They currently have no BBB complaints. Read This Article for related information.

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