Andrey Andreev, Creating Dating Apps For Diverse People

Andrey Andreev resides in London, as a British citizen, however, he was born in Russia. He has amassed a $2.4 billion fortune thanks to creating several successful and popular websites. Andrey started with a basic business model in 1999, it was a service tool for website owners, which allowed them to keep track of visitors. However, his most well-known online business to date is Badoo, an international dating social network. Badoo was founded by Andrey in 2006 and has taken over the world, with an impressive number of users, about 360 million people are registered. And since Andrey Andreev is Russian by birth, he initially developed a website for singles in his home country.

That dating site, Mamba has doubled the number of registered users since its inception in 2004. The businesses started by Andrey Andreev lead to him being named by Forbes Magazine as a global billionaire in 2018. And most recently, Andrey partnered with Whitney Wolfe, to stir things up among the virtual dating scene devotees. Beginning in 2014, Andrey and Whitney, who is the former co-founder of Tinder, introduced Bumble (Contactout).

Keeping in line with his earlier successes, Bumble is also a dating app, but it’s women-centric. With the success of Bumble, his net worth jumped from $1.5 billion to the previously mentioned, $2.4 billion. Additionally, he was featured in Forbes as having the most popular dating app in the world. In the article, Andrey was dubbed, “The Russian Cupid.” He is a businessman with a very low profile with his personal life.

Although Andreev runs very public dating apps, he remains somewhat of an enigma. Given that he doesn’t grant a lot of interviews or have a growing social media presence. This modesty is reflected on his Instagram page. Unlike other well-known online company founders, Andrey Andreev has a modest following with only 36 posts. He apparently prefers to keep a low profile. He did, however, post a letter avowing a generous donation towards the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral. Andrey earmarked the entirety of the profits from Badoo France. For the entire month of April 2019, all proceeds were donated from the 22 million Badoo users in France.

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