Smita Shah Interview and the Delhi Committee

Smita Shah Background 

World business leaders Smita Shah, Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick Durbin, Amy Eshelman, and others gathered at the 2019 Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. They celebrated over 150 years to Gandhi’s legacy. Furthermore, the fifth anniversary of the conference marks his efforts towards improving civil rights globally. This was also the day Mayor Lightfoot decreed the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of Indian culture; everyone was to appreciate the cultural background of his work. 

Smitah Shah, President of SPAAN Tech, congratulated the event, stating that is was “an honor to observe the Indian-American culture in Chicago.” SPANN tech is a company that focuses on construction and engineering. Additionally, the focus of SPAAN Tech is overseen by a woman with a passion for business education. Smitah showed early signs of success in 1998 when she launched SPAAN Tech. It was ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies out of 5,000. That’s not all. Her achievements include being the most connected entrepreneur in Chicago, Young Civil Engineer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, and Community Leader of the Year. 

She serves on many public boards for organizations. Her achievements and dedication for human welfare is recognized nationally. Even the White house honors her work. She continues to be a force among young professionals today. 

The Delhi Committee and Culture

Delhi is a city in northern India and is recognized as Chicago’s sister town. The creation of the Delhi Committee saw diversification in Chicago. No one area was exclusive with its own culture. Rather, Indonesian influences were rampant throughout which inspired this committee. shares its inception like this; “…Under Shah’s leadership, the Delhi Committee of Chicago founded the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon in 2014, honoring the long-standing exchange of ideas between Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S., and the ever important principles of truth and non-violence.” Shah founded this organization in 2014. She successfully merged the two cultures and drew attraction to non-violent behavior. This organization promotes diplomacy, respect, cultural adaptation, and peaceful understanding between people. Learn more:


Smita Shah’s career is expansive. Her vision for younger and older generations to coexist professionally lives on through the Delhi Committee in Chicago. Many lives were changed during the creation and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. SPAAN Tech continues to inspire people from all to chase their dreams and build a brighter future for all.

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GPB Global Resources is a Company You Can Trust

GPB Global Resources is a company that is headed by Boris Ivanov and is a company that cares about the communities they affect. They help in a multitude of ways including globally, locally, country-wide, and community-wide. Some articles show that they do these, and the recap is below.

“Extractive Trends in Africa with Boris Ivanov and GPB Global Resources”

In this article, they show that GPB goes above and beyond the boundaries set to help safely drill crude oils and fossil fuels. This is one of the key reasons that GPB Global Resources gets into countries that have minimal laws about drilling in their country. This article shows that not only do they go to get fossil fuel safely, but they help out the communities and countries that they work in.

They help to build schools, medical facilities, roads, and power plants, along with other work to help out where they drill. It also shows that even those fossil fuels will drop from energy usage, it’s up to them to invent and create new technologies that help use oil in a more eco-friendly way. He also watches the impact of social, technological, global politic, and regulatory trends to be able to stay at the top of the oil industry.

“Ethiopia Planted Over 350 Million Trees in a Day With Help from GPB Global Resources”

This article recaps how GPB Global Resources helps the communities and countries they work in. They sat down with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and discussed what GPB could do for Ethiopia.

They discussed things that were feasible to do and the list included access to drinking water, food security, medical supplies and training, schools and education, and general community issues. They identified these issues and more and signed a contract in 2014. Just an example of their general community issues helping out, they helped to financially fund, and get global media coverage for Ethiopia in their tree planting agenda.

The media helped more than the financial help and got Ethiopia help from the African Union, the United Nations, and the Foreign Affairs and Embassies offices located in Ethiopia, which helped contribute to the 350 million trees planted.

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Randal Nardone, Accomplished Director, Principal, and Co-Funder

Randal Nardone is an accomplished independent director, principal and co-founder of the new Fortress Investment Group LLC, which is an investment management firm located in New York City. He is a holder of multiple degrees, having studied Bachelor of law obtained from the Boston University as well as Bachelor of Arts education specializing in English and Biology, which he earned from the University of Connecticut. He was appointed as the chief executive officer after serving as the interim CEO for three years.

 Randal Nardone has been part of the leadership and management team at the company since 1998, rising through different roles, which range from serving as the chief operating officer to the chief executive officer. In 2006, He was later appointed to serves at the board of directors.

Randal Nardone founded the Fortress Investment Group alongside his business partners, Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, as private equity in 1998. He serves as the principal of the Blackrock before joining the investment industry. He doubles up as a partner as well as an executive member of the committee Thatcher Profit & Wood in the early years of professional career.

 Before co-founding Fortress Investment Group, he was serving as the managing director of the UBS for two years that lasted in 1998. Randal Nardone is serving as the co-founder of several companies. Some of the companies worth mentioning encompasses: he is the chief executive officer at the Fortress Macro Advisors LLC in New York .in a similar vein, he is the chief operating officer as well as the secretary at the IMPAC Commercial Holding Limited. He is a member of the FOE II and secretary, as well as the vice president of the Newcastle investment holdings.

In a similar vein, Randal Nardone is the director at Aleah Holdings Ltd, which located in Bermuda and Springleaf Finance Corporation and Springleaf Finance Inc.

Peter Briger: A Philanthropic Business Leader

Peter Briger is known for his expertise in the financial industry, mainly in asset investment. He gained knowledge when he attended Princeton University and attained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, he attained his Master’s in Business Administration. In order to sharpen his business skills, he joined Goldman, Sachs & Company, where he worked for more than ten years.

He joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, a firm with its headquarters in New York. He is among the three principals in the assets management firm and the co-chairman to the board. His main role is in real estate and debt security. Peter Briger has his focus on distressed debt and diversifying the company from private equity to other business areas. When most firms suffered in the financial crisis, Peter knew there are numerous opportunities that can be invested in distressed debt.

His philanthropic nature made him support the Central Park Conservancy when he lived in New York. When he moved to San Francisco, he had two organizations he was supporting; Caliber School and Tipping Point. Caliber supports free education, and Tipping Point offers support to low-income households. Being an alumnus of Princeton University, he supports the Princeton Entrepreneurship. They help in starting up new business ventures for the new graduates, an initiative that was started over two decades ago. To know more about him click here.

Peter Briger was the co-head with other experts, in charge of selling loans and Business Trading. Also, at the Principal Investment Group, the Distressed Debt, and in Asia, there are the Goldman Sachs Opportunities. When at Goldman, he had his membership at the Goldman Sachs Global Control and Goldman Sachs Compliance Committee. A member of the Goldman Sachs Asian Management and Executive Committee, a board member of the Overseers from the University of California, and the Board of Advisors for the Center of the New American Security.

Peter Briger is on the board of the Peninsula Arts Guild as a founding member. He is a member of the Foreign Relations Council and serves in the US Soccer Committee. In 2008, he scooped position 962 in the richest billionaires’ list by Forbes Billionaires.

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Maarten De Jeu Knows Where People Should Put Their Money When Investing

Maarten De Jeu knows all about investing and says that making investments is easier than most people might think it is. He also says that investing in commercial real estate provides many opportunities for profit and that people can do it in a variety of ways and can meet short or long-term goals through it. One of the ways that investing in commercial real estate has changed over time is that it is now something everyone can do as people can put their money together and invest in a piece of real estate instead of leaving this kind of investing to the rich.

Maarten De Jeu says that investing in commercial real estate is much different than investing in residential properties because there are so many uses for commercial properties. These kinds of properties can be used for everything from warehouses to retail spaces or offices, while residential properties can only be used for housing. Many of the restrictions that used to be in place for investing in commercial real estate have been taken away and there are now more opportunities for those who are interested in putting their money into it than ever.

One of the reasons why Maarten De Jeu says that investing in commercial real estate is smart is because it doesn’t fluctuate in value the way that stocks do. He also explains that there aren’t many investment fees when putting one’s money into real estate and that they are pretty well protected against inflation when they put their money into a piece of property because it will always have value. It is also easy for them to guess how much profit they will make when investing in real estate compared to other investments they would make. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu has a lot of experience in his field of work and is respected for the knowledge that he has of making investments and of corporate development. He is known as an international strategy advisor and has worked with many international companies. He was one of the top graduates in his class at Oxford and worked as an analyst early in his career. Maarten De Jeu also worked for an insurance firm and is currently a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and is involved with several other local organizations. When he isn’t busy with work, he likes to play tennis and spend time with his family.

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Jack Plotkin and the Role of Population Health Management in the Healthcare System

Jack Plotkin

Those who have paid any attention to the news recently understand that healthcare has spent a lot of time in the spotlight. There are a lot of problems with the healthcare system today and there are plenty of people who are working on improving them. At the same time, there are a lot of people who feel like we, as a country, are in the same position as we were a decade ago. The reality is that the focus of the healthcare system today should be on population health management. This is the focus of one of the leaders in the world of telehealth, named Jack Plotkin. He is the CPO of Virtual Health, who is leading the charge in population health management. 

It is important for those who are looking at population health management to view this as a journey, not a destination. This is a new section of the healthcare world that is just starting to emerge. It is important for healthcare organizations to align themselves next to efficient business partners who have the best interest of their patients at heart. As the population as a whole continues to age, it will be more important than ever for healthcare providers, hospital systems, and payer networks to focus on population health management.

Jack Plotkin Telehealth

It remains to be seen just how hospital systems and healthcare providers are going to address population health management. The foundation of any initiative in the world of population health management is data. It is important for hospital systems to put into place adequate data collection models so that this information can be collected and used in an appropriate manner. Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health are working hard to make this happen. The idea of telehealth is primed to grow in the future. This technology has the potential to help countless people across the United States.

Meet Sheldon Lavin, A Brilliant CEO Of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions is a very famous name across the entire globe. It has been in the public domain for the last century in the supply of quality meat products. Their business structure and ability to supply quality products, has been honored for their ability to help in the supply and distribution. It has also been recognized as one of the largest companies with the highest number of employees across the United States. The man behind the success is no other than Sheldon Lavin. He is the CEO and the chair of the board of the company for the last forty years.

OSI Group was started by a German immigrant who was very passionate about success. He was very optimistic about succeeding in his business. The company’s started realizing growth at around 1960 when they received an order to supply McDonald’s with Hamburger. OSI Food Solution needed to expand so that they could meet the demand. They approached Sheldon who was then the proprietor of & Associates. He helped the company get proper financing which enabled them to move to a new level in business.

OSI Group developed a new facility in Chicago came during a time when McDonald’s had begun to open outlets in other cities. They continued to follow them establishing new facilities at the same time. Within a very short period, the company was able to realize a very significant level of success everywhere. That was when Sheldon Lavin had begun to become a regular visitor at the company. They respected him as a professional whom they would always call when in need of finance and other issues.In 1970, one of the partners of OSI Food Solutions retired from daily business operations. They considered Sheldon Lavin to be the best partner who would bring more ideas to the table. Later on, after ten years, the younger brother retired and Sheldon Lavin became the full owner of OSI Food Solutions. He was now the full owner for the business and also the company at large. The company is now receiving awards from across the globe because of its dedication to supplying quality products and on time delivery in Chicago and abroad.

Greg Blatt’s Business Strategies Have Taken Him To Unbelievable Career Successes

Greg Blatt has handcrafted his career around technology and dating apps. Like most successful business people and entrepreneurs, Mr. Blatt earned an education at reputable establishments. He first earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and English language from Colgate University. This would not be his only college experience, Greg would continue on. At Columbia Law School, the future businessman would receive a Doctor of Law degree in 1995.

Since graduating from college, Greg Blatt has achieved more than most people would in their lives. Some of his biggest accomplishments include becoming the chairman and CEO of Match Group. He also served as the executive chairman and CEO of Tinder.

On top of that, Mr. Blatt was the CEO and executive vice president of IAC. Greg believes that once you achieve a higher position in any company, it is a lot easier to bring ideas to fruition. Also, collaborating with people and asking them questions is crucial. They may have some special insight or suggestions that can really propel an idea forward.

Video has the ability to bring people from all over the world together. This sort of technology really excited Mr. Blatt. He is excited to see where it goes in the future. One of the most important piece of advice that Greg Blatt would give other entrepreneurs is to ask questions. He says questioning your business until it’s undeniable is important to success.

Once you can’t question it anymore, don’t even think twice about it. Greg has admitted that he has created ideas that don’t work. If you can learn from your mistakes and keep going, that’s it. This is the difference between people who succeed and those who don’t. Mr. Blatt recommends staying flexible in business. This is one of his business strategies, and it has worked out very well for him.

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Why Niranjan Shah Contributes in Political Party Donations

Niranjan Shah is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been supporting various organizations. He is a well-known business mogul who works in the construction industry. Being in this sector attracts thousands of dollars because it houses the traditional real estate industry, which is one of the most lucrative sectors today. Therefore, it is common knowledge that Shah is one of the few wealthy and influential individuals around the country.

Besides contributing to other causes, Niranjan Shah donates to political parties. He has, for many years proven to be a reliable donor for Democratic Party where he donates thousands of dollars every time there is a need. The issue of political donations is a major debate in the United States and divides opinion across the country. Millions of people have their opinions regarding political donations, which has led to significant differences in that area.

There is an argument that most of the business owners donate to various political parties so that they can buy influence. Niranjan Shah could be interested in influencing how the Democratic Party works. As a business owner, he could probably be interested in how the party operates and could be able to push his political interests through. However, in as much as there is some truth in the argument, that is not the case for many donors.

Some people like Niranjan Shah donate to a political party because they drive the party, and they want it to achieve its goals and objectives. In the United States, it is the role of members of the party to donate so that they can see their parties moving forward. Even citizens who do not have sufficient cash usually donate to the party with the view that their party of choice will be able to make the correct political decisions and support such decisions with the funds available.

However, it is important to highlight that there are political, social, and economic benefits that individuals accrue when they donate to a particular political party. For example, some societies have very high levels of poverty, and they may not be expected to contribute to the operations of the party. Therefore, they depend on people with sufficient funds to help the party to move forward.

Another social benefit that individuals should understand is that in the last few political campaigns, the cost has been beyond reach for many candidates. It is obvious that the cost has been rising, which has been blocking potential candidates from seeking for various political positions where they think they can make a change. Niranjan Shah donates to such to help them sell their vision to the people and get the chance to handle their affairs.

Lastly, it is important to record that political donations are currently playing a critical role in reducing the tax burden from the donors. Niranjan Shah owns an engineering firm that pays thousands of dollars to the government in tax money. Donating to charity or political parties helps him to cut some tax obligations for his company.

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Barbara Stokes is a Purposeful Philanthropist

Barbara Stokes is a powerful woman who enjoys helping people in the community. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

She serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama and they have helped numerous people over the years. Recently, Green Structure Homes of Alabama made a significant donation to Habitat of Humanity of Madison County. Read more at Business Insider.

They were able to give over one hundred thousand in building supplies to Habitat of Humanity. They wanted to help with the housing issues that continue to plague the Madison County community.

Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a disaster relief contractor, so they are used to helping the area. They help communities to rebuild after natural disasters have taken place. Barbara Stokes wants to continue to impact the community in a positive way. Many people were helped due to the donation by the company.