Victoria Doramus- Dedicated Digital and Print Media Professional with a Philanthropic Flair

Victoria Doramus is an accomplished professional with expertise in market and lifestyle trends, marketing and advertising strategy, writing, and recovery. Her creative media career entails experience at Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera. However, it is her recovery expertise that has encouraged Victoria to pursue charitable work. Her personal experience of recovery and addiction has inspired her to help others on their journey. At the age of 26, Victoria Doramus struggled with addiction and eventually checked into rehab for excessive cocaine and adderall use. After Victoria’s second stint in rehab in 2016, she hit rock bottom and desperately sought out long term treatment at Burning Tree in Austin, Texas. Doramus now aspires to start a halfway house in New York City for others who are battling with addiction and want to get sober. But her charitable work does not end there. For the past three years, Victoria Doramus has been volunteering for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The Foundation’s goals are to inform young people on the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse whilst supporting those currently struggling with misuse, supporting those most at risk for developing substance addiction, and utilizing music for personal development for at-risk and disadvantaged young people. Doramus has also been involved with the organization Room to Read, which aims to transform the lives of children in low-income countries through literacy and gender equality education. Due to her love of animals, Victoria volunteers with Best Friends Animal Society, which focuses on ending the killing of cats and dogs in shelters through solutions such as adoption, fostering, spaying/neutering and Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR). During her struggle with addiction, Doramus was arrested. She recalls feeling hopeless and her work with the Women’s Prison Association (WPA) stems from her desire to help those in a similar situation see that all is not lost. The WPA support women by providing resources to avoid arrest and make positive changes while promoting alternatives to incarceration. Victoria Doramus’ journey through addiction and recovery has motivated her to reach out to others in need and with her professional media experience, she is a formidable ally.

Marc Beer Steering Renovia to Greater Heights

Pelvic floor disorders are medical conditions that are affecting millions of people globally especially women. Examples of Pelvic floor disorders include diseases like urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction among others. The disease is characterized by the inability of the tightening and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscle resulting in difficulties in controlling urine and bowel movement. From research, it is estimated that more than a quarter billion of women are affected by the medical condition worldwide.

One company that focuses its energy and resources in the fight against pelvic floor disorder is none other than Renovia Inc. Renovia Inc is a privately held product development company that was co-founded by Marc Beer in 2016. The firm since its inception focuses on the development of various diagnostic and therapeutic products that will help in the treatment and proper diagnosis of Pelvic floor disorders. The firm has accomplished a lot in the healthcare industry and among its achievements is the development of the Leva device that got FDA approval in 2018.

In a bid to raise funds to facilitate the development of the firm’s new line of products the firm conducted a Series B funding that saw it raise 42 million dollars. Out of the 42 million dollars raised 10 million dollars was in the form of venture debt. Following the successful funding, Renovia Inc will now be in a better position of executing its plan of developing and testing four new lines of products. One of the products that Renovia is planning to create is a new generation of Leva device.

The healthcare investment firms that helped Renovia secure the series B funding include Renovia’s longtime investment partners Longwood Fund. The other two firms were Perceptive Advisors of New York and the Missouri based Ascension Ventures both of whom have interests in potential early-stage startups. While giving his recommendations regarding the successful Series B funding Renovia CEO Marc Beer said the firm is very excited to have closed the deal with like-minded partners who share in the firm’s vision of helping provide better diagnostic and treatment options to pelvic floor disorder patients.

Marc who serves at the helm of the Boston based company is a seasoned executive with over two decades worth of experience of products development and commercialization in a wide array of industries such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device diagnostic industries. Before joining Renovia, Beer has helped established numerous startups and has held senior positions in the various organization across the US. Beer is the co-founder and chairman of the Boston based LumeNXT which is a private for-profit surgical device firm. In the year 2000 Beer founded ViaCell a biotechnology firm that he served for close to eight years as CEO. Learn more:

Hussain Sajwani Utilizing Western Ideals to Establish Grand Deals

Hussain Sajwani continues to be a driving force in Dubai. His skills as a large-scale developer has allowed him to establish strong business deals in Dubai and develop a tourist favored property development system. This frame of mind has skyrocketed Sajwani and his company DAMAC to great success in the Mideast and has allowed Sajwani to become extremely close with global business leaders. DAMAC has worked heavily with world leaders in order to provide services that aid developers in their land development. Through this hard work, DAMAC has grown to become a multi-billion dollar organization that is largely involved with the overall development of Dubai.

A Global Education For a Global Man

One of Sajwani’s top priorities while studying was to gain a global perspective on the marketplace and its functionality. One of the ways in which this was to be accomplished was by studying at the University of Washington. It is at the University of Washington that Sajwani would earn himself a bachelor’s degree in economics. His degree would propel him into an better understanding of capitalism and its importance in the business world. This ideology would be also grand him one of his most important and ground breaking deals ever made his property deal with Donald Trump.

Deal With Donald Trump

In an effort to create better properties in Dubai Sajwani began talks with Donald Trump about possibly expanding the Trump resort and business line into Dubai. It is through their work together that Sajwani could establish a firm commitment by Trump to expand the Trump brand name into Dubai and thus bring more traffic from Western regions into Dubai. This was one of the most ground breaking deals for Dubai and for Sajwani himself and would ultimately path the way for success in western development in the country.

Sajwani has continued to put an emphasis on his wanting to create further deals with Trump in the future and is extremely keen on any work that may arise between the two of them. His capitalism knowledge and outgoing social behaviors has established Sajwani as the go to businessman for creating opportunities in real estate development in Dubai.

EOS Lip Balm Is Popular

For many people, chapped lips are something that they must deal with throughout the year. Cold and warm weather can both dry out the lips, causing people to find something that will ease the chapping and the discomfort.

That is why the EOS lip balm has gained in popularity and notoriety.

The EOS lip balm is made from natural ingredients. It soothes chapped lips so that a user of the product can feel more comfortable. Applying this lip balm to both the upper and lower lips keeps them moisturized. Many people apply the lip balm several times a day with fantastic results.

This product is priced reasonably, and most people buy several of them at a time. This is so they have some extras on hand, in case they run out of it.

The EOS lip balm comes in different flavors, and people usually buy their favorite one. It is packaged wonderfully so people do not mind carrying it around.

This product makes an excellent gift at any time of the year. People also like to hand it out at meetings for business or pleasure as a token of their appreciation for the people that attended the meeting. That is because it is something that can be used by everyone, and it works very well.

Looking towards the future, the EOS lip balm will continue to rise in popularity because of the way that it works to protect and moisturize the lips. People will carry this product with them wherever they go during the day or night.

InnovaCare’s new CAO, Penelope Kokkinides, weighs in on strategies to grow a business

For over 20 years, Penelope Kokkinides has been working in the managed care industry with a particular emphasis on Medicare and Medicaid government programs. After her recent appointment back to InnnovaCare Health, Kokkinides had a sit-down with IdeaMensch for a career, business and entrepreneurship focused interview. IdeaMesch is an entrepreneur, makers, and doers crowdsourced interview platform that has had a lot of success in this space. This platform has interviewed lots of entrepreneurs both successful and promising over its existence. These interviews have offered lots of entrepreneurs globally an insight into how their mentors and role models in business achieve and keep up their success.

Among the highlights of Kokkinides interview with IdeaMensch were her ideas on how to successfully grow a business. Penelope pointed out that the first step to growing any business is to be able to bring ideas to life. If entrepreneurs think that they have new ideas, they must first think of bringing the idea into life before embarking on making it a successful business. The InnovaCare Health CAO pointed out that having a great team or great support is very important at this stage. She said that to bring an idea into life successfully, one must have a team they can rely upon.

Turning that small business into something successful needs an entrepreneur to be very organized and structured, according to Kokkinides, the InnovaCare Health CAO. A good entrepreneur looking to be successful should be able to prioritize tasks. This prioritization will help then save a lot of time and do more in a shorter period increasing their productivity. She also pointed out setting achievable short-term goals that gain towards the bigger more challenging goal to be very helpful. This is because an entrepreneur is bound to experience a lot of challenges and the small victories from achieving the mini-goals might be the only motivation to keep them going.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is led by Rick Shinto, its CEO, and President. This organization provides managed healthcare plans for the majority of the population in Puerto Rico where it’s headquartered. This organization’s primary mission is providing smarter healthcare for its clientele. InnovaCare Health targets to do this by engaging the physicians more in patient’s welfare. Additionally, the organization seeks to drive change by partnering with these physicians to promote population-focused models for care delivery that are more efficient and have more value.

HGGC makes changes to its top leadership

HGGC, a mid-market private equity firm has added new executive directors and promoted some previous executives. Greg Hughes, Bob Pender and David Chung are the new executives while Pat Dugoni was promoted to the position of vice president. Another name that has been added to the company is business development officer James Herrmann who has previously served for Bain capital’s Icon Health and Fitness. Previously, Hughes was working for Serena software, one of the HGGC’s initiatives. He was serving as the president and CEO while Bob Pender was the immediate chief executive officer. David Chung is a former director and principal at KKR.

HGGC has added the new team as a way of augmenting its capabilities. The new executives are highly experienced and with the longstanding relationship and the business sector. Since the new additions, the company has witnessed a successful sale process. Some of the new executives have long experience going up to even 20 years in technology consultation and industry executive positions. David Chung who was previously working with Blum Capital Partners brings over 20 years experience to the private equity firm. He has also served as a partner at Standard Pacific Capital and a director at KKR.

The new executive directors will work with the investment professionals in the company to bring up new investment opportunities as well as oversight the HGGC’s portfolio companies. The main concentration will be on technology growth as well as direction. James Hermann is expected to boost the intermediary relationships with a focus on creating proprietary investment opportunities that will fit into the advantaged investing model applied by HGGC.

HGGC is a top middle-market private equity firm in the world width capital accumulation of over $4.25 billion. It is based in Palo Alto California, and it is known for its unique advantaged investing model that has enabled it to attract partnerships and sponsorships to meet its interests. Some of the achievements the company has made over its entire history include 60 platform investments, liquidity events, recapitalization among others, all totaling to a value of more than $12 billion.

Freedom Checks and the Average Person

The finance industry is a place that is constantly shifting in both directions. The outlook can vary greatly depending on long term factors, and short issues can cause unexpected fluctuations. Matt Badiali is an editor at Bryan Hill Publishing, where he publishes a newsletter on a regular basis to inform his readers of the newest market trends. He recently created Freedom Checks, a new money investment concept with the potential to yield high rewards. A pair of online articles go into depth on how the system works and why it should be considered by the consumer.

The first article from Daily Forex Report, describes the legitimacy of this system. Matt Badiali has a background in geology, and his studies have taken him all over the world. His experiences taught Badiali the thing that link all parts of the world together is energy production. A conversation with a friend introduced him to how his experiences could be used for the benefits of individual’s finances. This was the birth of Freedom Check. It uses a perfectly legal tax loophole called Master Limited Partnership, where consumers can invest in domestic companies for a return in profits.

Matt Badiali follows up on this concept in a Gazette Day article. Individuals all over the country use stock markets, 401k, or just their personal savings for retirement. However, these are subject to the natural fluctuations of the market. Energy is always a commodity regarding of the overall industry. In this way, Freedom Checks are a safer option for consumers to consider as an investment option. The benefits for both parties are mutually useful.

Since the introduction of Freedom Checks, Matt Badiali has returned millions back into the pockets of Americans. The industry is booming and the outlook continues to be positive. This system is only possible from his unique insights into the industry, and knowledge of the tax code. He remains hopeful that consumers will continue to try Freedom Checks.

About Freedom Checks:

Paul Mampilly : What kind of Quarter can we expect this holiday Season?

The wind is getting colder and the days are becoming shorter, what does that mean? Winter? Nope, we are entering into the fourth quarter AKA the holiday season for retailers. The holidays for businesses and investors have been one of the most accurate ways to tell how the economy is doing and which stores are the most popular.

Editor Paul Mampilly of Profits unlimited, a newsletter that suggests the best investments for its reader has been one of the most prominent figures in investment. Paul Mampilly’s educational credentials include a Master of Business Administration from Fordham University. His first taste of fame and recognition came when he entered the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition back in 09 and won by presenting a portfolio worth over 50 Million dollars. So, its to know ones surprise that so many turn to Paul Mampilly as a beacon of investment hope.

According to Paul Mampilly, the retail economy is doing great so far. He adds though that many past stocks have been performing considerably worse while past winners have seen an increase in their revenue. Paul Mampilly theorizes that this effect on stocks come from the fact that most people will not shop at a business which has little to no online presence.

So, what is Paul’s advice this season? Invest in S&P 500 companies, here’s why. A trend beginning in 2014 has seen online sales increase and by the time the fourth quarter ends the market would have increased over 16%. That incredible increase in end of the year percentage equals to Seventeen billion dollars. If experts are right, then S&P 500 companies will have grown to an incredible 75% just since 2014.

Overall, the American economy is continuing to grow, producing lower unemployment rates and higher household incomes that have generated confidence in the market as well as increased consumer buying power. This according to Mr.Mampilly is one of the best times to invest.

Paul Mampilly’s : Twitter

Mariana and Zeco Auriemo Homecoming Gala Dinner

Hardwork begets success and this has been the life of Jose Auriemo Neto popularly known as Zeco Auriemo. He is known for developing luxury properties in Sao Paulo and many other parts of Brazil under the company, JHSF. His success has been hyped although in reality he merits the recognition and honor.

Mariana and Zeco Auriemo were recently treated to a grand dinner reception after they jetted back in Brazil. The event was elaborately organized to have a sense of class and luxury with Italian theme based on ( Their friends and business partners were among the people who graced the occasion and made it more memorable. Among those in the list was the Creative Director, Edoardo Caovilla, Constanza Pascolato, Donata Meirelles, Felipe Dinz, Fernanda Abdalla, Licianna Gimenez, and Fernanda Motta just to mention but a few. The guest did not disappoint from thei grooming to availing themselves. It was an event that made the JHSF, Chief Executive Officer feel honored and appreciated


About Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo is the president and CEO of JHSF company that is based in Sao Paulo. He studied Engineering at the Sao Paulo University. However, he began running his family business and finally was appointed as the head succeeding Fabio Auriemo, his father at JHSF. The company has today developed spectacular buildings, stately made such as Parque Cidade Jardim, Fasano Group of Hotels, Tucuruvi and Metro Santa Cruz shopping mall among many others. Apparently, Zeco Auriemo has grown the company and made it achieve another milestone. It is already trading at the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

He is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo who is the JHSF Administrator Jose Auriemo Neto values his family and often spends ample time with them. He is also devoted to keeping fit and plays golf quite often when he is away from the executive roles at JHSF.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens MedSpa Skintology in NYC And Austin

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, M.D. started her cosmetic surgery practice in New York City. She has relocated her successful practice to her home state of Texas, and she is now based in Austin. The city has been home to her family for many generations. Dr. Walden is a highly trained board certified plastic surgeon. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She received formal fellowship-training in the specialized field of cosmetic surgery.

The reason for the move of her busy practice to Austin was so that her young twin boys could be closer to family. Her East Coast clientele are now welcoming her back as she returns to New York with the grand opening of her highly acclaimed new MedSpa Skintology center. Dr. Jennifer Walden has opened her practice on Manhattan’s prestigious East 57th Street. The offerings at MedSpa include botox treatments, soft tissue fillers, cosmetic laser procedures, a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, and non-invasive skin tightening. She also opened a new MedSpa in the Austin area that was launched last Spring.

Her practice is now also offering Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement as a part of their other health and wellness. As people age, hormones can play an important role in the process. The treatment can provide a number of benefits related to brain and mental function, bone health, and libido issues. The staff at each location is comprised of highly trained medical professionals who work under Dr. Walden’s guidance.

Dr. Jennifer Walden earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, at which she majored in Biology. She achieved her M.D. at the University of Texas Medical Branch.