Nick Vertucci is an Icon of Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is a living example of success. He is the king of real estate in his region after experiencing what it means to be bankrupt.

His first endeavor in computer business

 Nick Vertucci established his business at the age of 18. It was his first venture, and it proved successful. He was selling computer and computer accessories to college students. He met the other two partners who added in the stock and capital. The business seemed to thrive until when the disagreement arose between the two parties.

 The business started to capsize from then. When the store finally collapsed, Vertucci received a small share from it. He was very much depressed to the extent of remaining in bed most of the time. He had accumulated a considerable debt especially from the tenants in the storey house they had. He convinced them and promised to refund them the money by the end of the year. When things failed to work out as he expected, he sold his home to repay the money.

 The real estate academy

After some trying moment, Nick Vertucci decided to venture into real estate. He enrolled in the local real estate academy and quickly learned the hacks of the field. He combined the knowledge he previously had in finance and the real estate to establish his new business.

 In his business, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, he advised his clients on the best business decisions. Also, he used the profit from the academy to establish other business in the real estate. According to him, real estate is the king of investment in the modern market.

He recently wrote an aspiratory book, seven-figure decisions. He advises the upcoming managers on the best ways to establish their business. He also recounts the mistakes he made in his first venture. He is the typical example of rags to riches, but above it, he went bag to rags before becoming the icon of real estate investments.

 Background information

He was born from a poor family. His parents struggled to cater for the very primary needs. For that reason, he did not have enough school fees to take him to the college of his dream despite having worked hard. To make the story bitter, he lost his father when he was barely 10 years old.


 He struggled to establish his real estate firm after failing in the first business. He was selling computers and computer accessories to college students. The partners he had broken up leading to the collapse of the thriving business. He suffered depression from bankruptcy and was forced to sell the home to pay debts. He joined the real estate academy and worked hard. He later established his academy and advised businessmen on the right way to invest. He also created other business from the profits he got from the academy. He has written an inspiring book for aspiring managers.

The SEC Whistleblower Program Helps Prevent Security Exchange Malpractices

The SEC Whistleblower office is a unique and successful practice that focuses on awarding eligible whistleblowers on scandals and frauds related to companies that trade in the Securities Exchange.

The program is a partnership between both the private and public sectors. Its success is not because it was coordinated by one of the major principals of the SEC Whistleblower Advocates, but it is a sustainable solution for the discrepancies by companies that plague the corporate markets, leading to economic plunges.

The SEC Whistleblower program was formed because the laws enacted to protect investors were ineffective. Secondly, law enforcement agencies were overwhelmed by marketplace activities could only do that with the help of third-party knowledge. Therefore, the program was established under the Dodd-Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 and awards money, employment security and channels of unanimously reporting of infringements in the security exchange.

Who is Eligible for an Award?

Anyone can be an SEC whistleblower. In fact, there are little qualifications and any individual or group can, no matter their citizenship can be a whistleblower. Neither are you limited by your employment status; so long as a person or group can willingly offer solid information of scandals that go against security laws, they are eligible for an award.

Mostly, awards are issued if the information provided cause enforcement actions that result to more than $1 million penalties, a situation in which the whistleblower may earn between 10% to 30% of the total amount collected and in other related cases cited by other authoritative agencies.

World-Class Team of Researchers

The successful investigation and prosecution of companies called for the help of seasoned analysts and investigators and financial accountants led by a professional FBI agent. The team of experts includes:

Jordan Thomas

  • The Chair and a principal orchestrator of the SEC Whistleblower Program. The former Assistant Director of Enforcement Department of the SEC and the founder of Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower firm.

 Steven Durman

  • A partner and advocate of the SEC whistleblower. He is the former head of Fraud and Corruption division of the US Attorney’s office based in Washington DC.

 Richard Levine

  • A partner and an experienced veteran of federal law enforcement. He brings three years’ experience from the Securities Exchange Commission.

 Timothy Warren

  • He has more than 30 years’ experience in SEC law enforcement and has helped many fraud victims and individual investors win over corrupt dealings in the SEC platform.

 Robert Wilson

  • With 2 decades in the SEC enforcement division, he has helped prosecute many organizations in the world.

 Jerome Pontrelli

  • He is Chief investigator at Labaton Sucharow. He has over 10 years’ experience as an FBI agent and twenty years in the law enforcement space.

 William Schervish

  • He is a Market Intelligence expert and co-founder of the Whistleblower Representation Company. He helps prepare submitted tips.

Jana Messerschmidt’s journey to Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt is an investing partner in a capital firm based in West Coast known as Lightspeed Venture Partners since 2018. This company specialises in financing starting and mature companies. She has held various top positions in companies like Twitter and Netflix. She was the Director of Business Development in 2010 at Netflix.

She also became the Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform for Twitter at the same time working at Netflix until 2016. At Twitter, she was responsible for enterprise sales, marketing and strategy, partner engineering and developer relations. Together with a team, Jana Messerschmidt founded #Angels in March 2015 which was to assist women to have successful startups.

In the modern day world, there are many start-up technology companies that need support for them to blossom in the competitive industry. Jana Lightspeed advocated for the women in tech to pursue their career roles. Jana has the expertise and knowledge of the tech industry and can, therefore, tell what the future holds in any given establishment. Jana joined Lightspeed’s customer investing team after a period of spending in advising start-up companies holding various roles from sales and marketing, business development and engineering.

Jana has also worked with DivX as a Sr Manager, Global Accounts for about three years and also Accompany a corporation as an advisor. Beyond investments, Jana Lightspeed’s partner has a passion for hosting conversations and events to diversify networks that will build the community in general. Jana Messerschmidt believes that for there to be an equitable industry, the less represented and women need to be involved in creating wealth for successful companies.

Jana holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois where she studied from 1997 to 2001. Jana Messerschmidt currently holds two jobs including founding partner at #Angels and Investment Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. #Angel investment portfolio was supported by about 50 investments including that of Bird, Eero and Winnie and Color. Jana has participated in many events including the Twitter Hatch Competition of August 2015 where she was the speaker.

Agera Energy And Their Pricing Plans

Agera Energy is a company that works in the power field, and they do so by trading on a market that helps support their business. The company has a number of customers who have come to them specifically to save money, and they will find that they have a chance to improve their overall experience.

1. The Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing at Agera Energy is used because the company wants to have a much closer relationship with their clients. There are a lot of people who will use this company to save money on energy because they have been paying too much to other companies.

The fans of the company are their customers, and someone who comes to this company will find that they have a say in how the company is managed. This is much like how an EMC is run across the country, and the company will roll out the things that the customers have asked for. The customer experience improves, and the customers are asked consistently to speak up so that they get better power service.

3. Conclusion

The best part of working with this company is that many people can come to them to save money, and they could become a part of the Agera family. Agera runs a very unique business that provides people with lower prices every day. They invest in the energy market, and they use that money to give their customers a much lower price on their monthly bill.

2. The Fans

Learn more about Agera

Sunday Riley Pays Captain Marvel Tribute With “Good Genes” Product

A new favorite among consumers, Sunday Riley’s products are known to be highly effective and easy to use. Its products are also popular with the consumers who are checking items in Sephora, a chain of personal care and beauty product based in France. One of their products, the Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment.

Brand new packaging design for the Good Genes product that features Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” design was released. This new Good Genes packaging design is made possible by Marvel’s partnership with Sunday Riley in the light of Marvel’s upcoming “Captain Marvel” film. Brie Larson will be playing the titular superhero. Featured in the box is a picture of Captain Marvel while her crest is featured in the product’s bottle. The effort is to catch the attention of Marvel fans to try the product and vice versa and is only offered in limited edition

There are no changes in the formula of Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. The product has been one of Sunday Riley’s best selling item because of its effective formula giving the skin a radiant and smoother complexion. Infused with lactic acid, which serves as an exfoliant, Good Genes breaks down dead skin without the need for a strong and aggressive face scrubs. In addition to its exfoliant factor, it is also known to even out the skin tone using licorice and lemongrass formula. With its anti-aging properties, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation will be gone too. It comes in two sizes, a 30mL bottle for $105 and a 50mL bottle for $158.

Good Genes is one of Sunday Riley’s most popular products, but the company also offers more products such as the Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, which is known to use green tea extracts. This product uses Matcha green tea because of its tonic and antimicrobial properties that are known for its good effect on hair and skin. In addition to this, Matcha leaves are known to be rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids. The Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, which is available in 50mL and 130mL sizes, are also available in Sephora. It removes oil and tightens pores for clear skin.

“Marc Beer Funds women’s health startup with $42M “

Marc beer aged 52 is an alumni of Miami University in Ohio with a degree in B.S. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Renovia. Beer was a strategic consultant to OvaScience. He has served in several corporations and is renowned to be a great icon in the society. He is the founding chairman of the board of directors of Good Starts Genetics. His broad involvement in life science companies has cemented his leadership skills in various companies. He is also the founder of ViaCell and was its president and CEO between April 2000 and November 2007, held marketing and business improvement duties at Genzyme Corporation and served as vice president of Global marketing.

Beer has been an executive with over 25 years of marketing and business development skills in pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic industries and biotechnology. His influence in business direction is so fruitful since most of his guidance has made companies thrive. Besides profession, Marc is a motivational speaker and as well as a family man.

Lately, Beer has made an incredible move by raising 42 million dollars for women’s health startup. This amount is intended for two main projects that is $32 million for purchase of new product for pelvic floor disorders and $10 million for venture debt. About 250 million women globally suffer from urinary incontinence which is a pelvic disorder. Most of these women do not access medical attention due to poverty level. This implies that this funding from Mr. Beer will touch most women’s lives. Renovia’s first product received FDA approval in April.

A dedicated healthcare investing company named Longwood that invested in Renovia joined series B round which was headed by perspective advisors and ascension ventures. This financing is directed towards evolving and testing four therapeutic and diagnostic products. This products comprise of the leva device.

The support from these healthcare investors has been greatly acknowledged and highly recommended for the betterment of the health of women globally. With these move, diagnosis of pelvic floor disorder will be easier and reliable to more women. Treatment will therefore be availed to women diagnosed with this disorder. Marc Beer has encouraged the idea of combining innovative and proprietary sensor technologies. This will enhance update of patients with advanced or new treatment options as well as provision of knowledge and understanding about the disorder.

This technology will be a greater drive towards ending pelvic floor disorder thus improving the health of the women worldwide. The cost of treatment will as well be lowered significantly to the affordability of the patients. Digital health platform as stated by Beer will avail customers with enough information thus improve sensitization. However this company avoided airing their investment or its channel of products. Learn more:

Why HGGC increased its investment in FPX

One of the most significant acquisitions that HGGC made during their many years in the industry is the purchase of FPX. This company had been leading in the provision of global enterprise solutions before its acquisition. The deal happened in 2016 and was seen as a significant success. A couple of years down the line, the company decided to put another round of investment in FPX, and this caught the attention of investors. Why were they increasing the investment too soon? Everything has to do with the strong performance of their company and the network that they had already built.

Speeding up product development

When HGGC acquired this company, they wanted to use it to improve their performance. Therefore, they thought it wise to speed up the development of new products. They want the company to offer its customers more innovative solutions to keep them especially with the ever-growing competitions. Developing enterprise solutions takes time and therefore, you can only shorten it if you use modern tools. It is because of this that they had to increase funding and allow the company to acquire the necessary tools and infrastructure to meet their new targets.

Enabling global expansion

While announcing the new round of funding, HGGC categorically stated that they want the company to use the funds for expansion into the global markets. It should not be forgotten that even before the acquisition back in 2016; the company had already sought funds to go global. Therefore, it was only prudent that the new financiers provide for this expansion. It may not have been part of the initial finding, and therefore, they had to avail more funds to complete the expansion. Part of the funds will go into the identification of new international markets that have not been exploited by other companies.

Although HGGC did not disclose the amount of money involved in the new round of funding, it is believed to be enough to cover for the tasks that we have discussed above. In addition to that, they said that they are ready to avail more funds as long as the company demonstrates that bit is worth funding its activities.

Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s Pizza Company

Steve Ritchie is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to work his way up in his career. His hard work and prolific leadership skills earned him the rank of Chief executive Officer of Papa John’s. He has worked for the company for a period of 25 years. His interest in pizza started when he first tasted pizza from papa johns company. He fell in love with pizza and became interested in working at the company and fortunately for him, he was lucky enough to get a job at the company. He put a lot of effort and hard work in every task he was given and this saw him rise to various ranks in the company.

Steve Ritchie worked very hard and was made Chief Operating Officer and later on the senior vice president of the company. It was until recently when the company promoted him to become the Chief Executive Officer and entrusted all responsibilities to him. Papa Johns is a company that was founded in 1984 with its headquarters located at Jefferson town, Kentucky. The company was focused on providing the best pizzas to customers by using the best ingredients which made their pizzas stand out from other pizza produced by other companies. The pizzas soon became appreciated by people and soon the company became popular rising to greater heights.

This was because of the delicious pizzas as well as the exemplary delivery services it offered to its customers. It became a large company and was soon ranked as the third largest pizza company in the United States. Since Steve Ritchie took over as the CEO of the company, activities at Papa John’s have even become better. He has worked hard and has ensured to keep things in order. One of the qualities that make him such a great leader is his ability to maintain his composer while handling challenges that he comes across as the company’s CEO. He has also participated in raising funds for organizations to help people in society. Steve Ritchie is without any doubt a good and able leader who will drive Papa Johns to even greater heights.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie:

Digital services CEO Robert Deignan explains how to work with technology rather than fighting against it

Purdue University alum Robert Deignan’s executive-level expertise is in relationships, particularly between machines and people. As featured in HiTechChronicle, Affiliate Dork, Gazette Day, Weekly Opinion, and the GC Report, the Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services recognizes the need for education in automation adaptation within the world of business.

While many influential parties in technological trends paint the picture of a grim future based on the singularity (the point in time when artificial intelligence triggers lightening speed technological evolution), Robert Deignan shares a different view on the much debated dilemma. For him, bridging the gap of uncertainty between man and machines doesn’t have to be as difficult as some predict.

From the utilization of digital health devices to the survival of SaaS companies, the tech expert’s insights are not only valuable, but will ultimately serve as a template for balanced discussion. Majoring in Business Management, the former Boilermaker worked his way up to Executive Vice President at iS3, the Miami-based software firm offering online security and custom programming solutions.

Blending his education with his inner entrepreneur led to the creation of ATS Digital Services; a software service provider specializing in troubleshooting faults in mobile devices, computers, data storage, and network connectivity. The mission statement at the core of ATS is simple: to make both homes and businesses operational.

According to Deignan, active adjustment in the face of automation advances will lead to less anxiety surrounding issues of employment and future job availability. The end goal should be to work alongside technology. The vitality of the human element in the face of massive workflow changes will fall on the ability to ascertain which skills and tasks are least susceptible to automation. A three-tiered focus on interpersonal intelligence, workplace flexibility, and intuitive decision making based on the proliferation of data will act as a counterbalance against unpredictability in highly dynamic markets.

Victoria Doramus- Dedicated Digital and Print Media Professional with a Philanthropic Flair

Victoria Doramus is an accomplished professional with expertise in market and lifestyle trends, marketing and advertising strategy, writing, and recovery. Her creative media career entails experience at Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera. However, it is her recovery expertise that has encouraged Victoria to pursue charitable work. Her personal experience of recovery and addiction has inspired her to help others on their journey. At the age of 26, Victoria Doramus struggled with addiction and eventually checked into rehab for excessive cocaine and adderall use. After Victoria’s second stint in rehab in 2016, she hit rock bottom and desperately sought out long term treatment at Burning Tree in Austin, Texas. Doramus now aspires to start a halfway house in New York City for others who are battling with addiction and want to get sober. But her charitable work does not end there. For the past three years, Victoria Doramus has been volunteering for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The Foundation’s goals are to inform young people on the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse whilst supporting those currently struggling with misuse, supporting those most at risk for developing substance addiction, and utilizing music for personal development for at-risk and disadvantaged young people. Doramus has also been involved with the organization Room to Read, which aims to transform the lives of children in low-income countries through literacy and gender equality education. Due to her love of animals, Victoria volunteers with Best Friends Animal Society, which focuses on ending the killing of cats and dogs in shelters through solutions such as adoption, fostering, spaying/neutering and Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR). During her struggle with addiction, Doramus was arrested. She recalls feeling hopeless and her work with the Women’s Prison Association (WPA) stems from her desire to help those in a similar situation see that all is not lost. The WPA support women by providing resources to avoid arrest and make positive changes while promoting alternatives to incarceration. Victoria Doramus’ journey through addiction and recovery has motivated her to reach out to others in need and with her professional media experience, she is a formidable ally.