Nation COO Desiree Perez And Her Rising Star

Desiree Perez has long been a part of the Roc Nation family where she has worked with the Tidal service and now she is the COO of Roc Nation. She has been a partner of Jay Z for all of this time, and she has risen through the ranks because she has an eye for business that makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Desiree Perez

1. What Does Desiree Do?

Desiree is the leader of the everyday operations of Roc Nation. She manages the company from a financial perspective, and she is making sure that the company is making wise decisions as it moves forward. Most people who are trying to learn about business can focus on what Desiree does every day because they can learn quickly how to manage a company, how to invest, and how to grow products. 

2. Why Is Roc Nation Special?

Roc Nation is special because it allows people to interact with a global brand that sells everything from music to clothes. There are people who are represented by Roc Nation, and there are artists who have their music come out through Roc Nation. The Tidal music player works through Roc Nation, and Desiree is in charge of all of this every day.

Desiree Perez

3. Her Ideas

Desiree has long been a part of the Roc Nation world because she is one of the people who has all the ideas that are needed to make the company run. Much of what people see coming out of Roc Nation was her idea, and she is still offering those ideas even now. That is the power of her mind, and it is one that has been working on Roc Nation business for such a long time she is a part of their brand image, their identity, and they business model.

Agera Energy Names New Chief Financial Officer

Agera Energy is one of the leading companies in the retail energy sector. For the last few years its chief financial officer Geoff Duda has helped the company manage its financial resources. Read more at about Agera Energy.

While Geoff has done an excellent job managing the finances for Agera Energy, the company recently announced that it will hire a new person to handle the financial management for the organization. It recently named Mark Linzenbold as its new chief financial officer.

Follow: Linzenbold has worked as a top executive of the last several years. His most recent position was as the Vice President of Finance and Business Development at Direct Energy. As an experienced executive, Mark brings his expertise in financial management and business development to help companies reach their specific goals. Agera Energy is very pleased to add Mark to its executive management team. He will bring his knowledge and skills to a company that is looking to continue establishing itself as one of the top energy companies. Watch this video on

The Intriguing Life and Success of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov is a medical specialist in rehabilitation. He has practiced this field for more than fifteen years. He started Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which are known for optimizing people’s health as they grow old (Newjerseyivtherapy).

The Life, Passion, and Growth of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Rand was born and raised in Washington DC. As a young man, he acknowledged the significance of working hard and being determined in life. During his youth life, he engaged himself in playing tennis. Through hard work and determination, he trained the sport persistently to attain a level of performance and conditioning needed to play the sport at a competitive stage.

Dr. Dov Rand later transferred his passion for tennis to his medical career. He did his undergraduate at Rutgers University and then moved to Howard University. Upon completion of his medical school, he undertook his internship at a medical center known as Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

The Genesis of Healthy Aging Medical Centers

All his life, Dr. Dov Rand always had an interest in nutrition and health. When he started practicing medicine, he realized that various intriguing studies were being conducted. These studies involved nutrition, diet, and how human beings treat their bodies. The research also involved human practices that may drastically affect their health throughout their lives. Having looked at all these studies, Dr. Dov Rand decided to extend the studies and ideas to Healthy Aging Medical Centers. That is how the centers were established.

The Secret of Dr. Dov Rand’s Success

On top of hard work and determination, Dr. Dov Rand is very keen on developing professionally. He often attends conferences, reads books, as well as research thesis related to his field. He does this passionately, and he is always eager to learn more from others. As such, he can offer his patients the best quality of care. Through the care given to his patients, he can get more referrals, and this cycle continues leading to success in his career.


A lot can be learned from Dr. Dov Rand’s successful career. There are still a lot of potential opportunities that have not been explored. If these opportunities are explored, awareness of wellness optimization benefits will be created, and people will live healthy lifestyles.

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Allied Wallet and WeChat Pay – Giant Partners in Global Payment Processing

Allied Wallet is quickly becoming one of the largest, most popular payment processing platforms in the world. It is a convenient means of securely completing online or store transactions and to send money to friends and family. Providing payment services in almost 200 countries, they accept almost every type of global payment available.

The company recently announced the addition of WeChat Pay as one of their payment options now available, an app that is widely used in China with over 900 million monthly users. This app is connected to the WeChat app, one of the most used worldwide, boasting over a billion users (Twitter).

WeChat Pay is used extensively in China and Europe, and has begun to expand in the United States as well, especially at popular Chinese tourist destinations. It is a convenient, safe way for these tourists to access their money during their visits. It is estimated that the average Chinese tourist spends over $4,000 while on vacation in the States.

Mobile payments have become so popular that cash payments have now taken a backseat as a payment option making Allied Wallet the most reliable payment plattform for tourists to trust abroad. In China alone, mobile payments have grown into a $16 billion market

Merchants can expand their businesses globally by using Allied Wallet. Transactions are able to be accessed securely in real-time on any device and sales are able to be easily tracked with automated reports, saving them time and allowing information to be quickly presented in a relevant, useable format.

In addition to accepting payments and tracking the growth of their businesses, merchants also have access to other products such as fraud protection, a storage database for customer information, establishment of flexible recurring billing, and the ability to manage and track payouts and commission payments for employees.

Allied Wallet and its staff has consistently been recognized for their contributions to technology and payment systems and for their customer service and innovation. Some of these awards include “Iconic Figures in Finance 2018” – CEO Monthly Magazine, Best Global E-Commerce Payment Processing Company – Corporate USA Today, and “2018’s Recognised Leader for Online Payment Processing” – Corporate Vision.

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Who Is Isabel Dos Santos And What Does She Stand For?

Isabel Dos Santos wants to empower the women of Africa. She is the richest woman in Africa, and she is a philanthropist who also invests in all the different industries on the continent that will offer jobs and grow economies All over Africa. She has been talking to college students, investing in charity, and trying to make the continent a safer place for everyone. By doing this she is changing the landscape of Africa little by little.

1. Who Is Isabel Dos Santos?

Isabel Dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, and she has holdings in many companies that offer gas, oil, and electronics to the African continent. She is focused on remaining diverse as she invests her money, and she wants to be sure that that money goes to companies that can offer real jobs to the people. In fact, she has been working with large telecom companies and banks to offer a broader range of services that will lead to more jobs.

2. What Does She Do?

Isabel has been speaking with college students. She recently had a lecture at Yale where she talked about investing. Isabel dos Santos wanted to explain to these students what it would be like to invest their money in things that matter, and she also talked about giving to charity. She was trying to find a way to give the people of Africa a way to grow, and empowering women is one of the best ways to do that.

3. Charity Work

Isabel Dos Santos gives to charity every year because she knows it is important that women have been given a chance to build their own businesses, raise their children, and grow their communities. She is very invested in trying to find a way to change lives, but she focuses on women because she knows that that is a hot button issue in Africa.

4. Conclusion

Isabel Dos Santos is ready for a new and thriving Africa that could be made from the many different industries that she invests in. She is helping women get into business, and she is helping the continent grow quickly.

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Article Title: Desiree Perez And ROC Nation Record Company

Article Text:

Currently the Chief Operating Officer of the full-service entertainment company and record label ROC Nation located in New York, New York since 2009, Mrs. Desiree Perez has been involved with various different aspects of business including labeling operations and general publishing. Desiree Perez has taken a big part in the Samsung company’s deal associated with Rihanna while also arranging the Beyonce Formation Stadium. Eventually in 2015, Desiree Perez was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award. Since then, Desiree Perez has had a very close association with Jay-Z for over 20 years and has proven to be a wonder of a negotiator in business. Desiree is amazing when it comes to numbers and math and is very familiar with leading the SC Enterprises. Desiree Perez is truly known as being a very influential executive woman in the music industry today. Desiree Perez joins the many classic music executives, promotion managers, marketing department CEO’s, and different other powerful women who helped to start the success of various popular music artists for the last 20 years. Some of the peers of Desiree Perez are notable people like Julie Greenwald who is the Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Records. Another peer would be Karen Lamberton who is the Executive Vise President of Soundtracks, Films, and TV Licencing for RCA Records and Executive Heads of Atlanta Records Andrea Ganis and Camille Hackney. Women have much more powerful influence in the management of the music industry these days than in the past. Desiree Perez also enjoys producing tours related to Jay Z and Beyonce while at ROC Nation Desiree is a leading cornerstone for the business, overseeing, labeling, and publishing different and creative activities. Desiree Perez runs daily operations and creates long-term business promotion strategies as well. Desiree Perez works head on and directly with Jay-Z and CEO James Brown to create successful campaigns for their new releases.

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OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers Production

How McDonald’s Makes its Burgers

If you had the chance to visit a McDonalds burger manufacturer would you go? Most probably would like to know how their favorite burger is made. Unfortunately McDonalds doesn’t invite too many people inside its manufacturing facilities because of the strict rules they have to follow by Government agencies while producing food; however, OSI Group has been producing MCD burgers for decades and a few lucky people to see how McDonalds makes its wonderful burgers.

What’s Inside?

The one question that most people have about MCD burgers is what’s inside? A recent journalist from a noted business magazine visited a Germany OSI factory that produced several millions of MCD hamburgers daily and reported that the process in the factory is very strict and every worker is checked and not allowed to wear any kind of jewelry so that nothing will accidentally fall into the processing of the meat. MCD uses 100% pure beef cut into large bee slabs to keep the cause of germs down. The meat is placed in a mincer, large enough to hold 40-50 cows, which are minced at once. Nothing is added to the minced meat.

At the factory once the meet is minced another machine makes the MCD burgers into patties. Immediately the burgers are flash frozen, placed in tightly wrapped and sealed boxes and they are put into wrapped plastic to avoid any contaminants. The burgers are sent out thru its OSI Group distribution wareheous, which is only a few feet away from the OSI Group produciton warehouse. To know more about the company click here.

Testing the Burgers-No Preservatives

At no point do the burgers come into contact with human hands in the OSI Group facility, except when a few sample burgers are taken by assigned food scientist to do routine checks. When the check is done the MCD burgers are cooked at 69 degree Celsius on a stove replicating cooking in a MCD restaurant store. Food scietist make sure that the MCD burgers contain only 20% of fat content and no more. MCD is very strict on what fat content the burgers can contain. Lastly, the boxes are stamped to show when they were produced and where the beef originated. No preservatives were added to the MCD burgers at the OSI Group Germany Production Warehouse.


OSI Food Solutions: Entrepreneurship in Culinary Arts

Founded in 1909, OSI Food Solutions has become known for its foods which are made for consumers’ convenience and sold at affordable prices. The company has become one of the world’s largest food suppliers and operates in over seventeen countries, with over ten thousand current employees. It originally supplied restaurants, but branched out as the popularity of the company’s products spread. OSI has also invested time in he betterment of humanity as a whole by working with charitable organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Some of most well-known food companies such as McDonald’s have been associated with this company.

The secret to OSI Food Solution’s success lies within the connections and partnerships the company has made through its years in operation with poultry producers, processing plants, and farms. Through this method, OSI Food Solutions is working to become the sole leading food supplier in North America, Europe, and other regions. OSI has recently launched a joint venture in the Philippines called GenOSI in 2017 for the expansion of OSI’s reach. OSI Food Solutions has been investing in poultry, running parallel to the rising demand of poultry products such as chicken.

Expansion of the company has led to the spurt of several new facilities across the world, and new methods for reducing cost such as making electricity consumption more cost-efficient. In contrast with other leading suppliers, the food products made by OSI Food Solutions are specifically designed as per the consumers’ wants. Products range from all three meals of the day to more intricate combinations for vegetarians and vegans. While staying on top of the latest culinary trends, OSI aspires to deliver the highest quality food available for purchase. Food safety and health issues are not a concern because the company appoints the most qualified individuals onto the board for food safety concerns. For these reasons, it is predicted that the company will continue to grow and expand in the near future.


OSI Group Expansion and Growth

Food Production

There are different kinds of food production according to the use. People rarely ask where the food they purchase at the grocery market originates. Also, when dining at a restaurant diners seldom question the origin of their items on their order. Food production at the wholesale level brings with it a different level of importance. OSI Group has been one of the world’s best-established food production companies year after year. The OSI is located in Aurora, Illinois.

International Expansion

Aurora is a small town, but OSI Group’s influence is global and it has provided multiple countries employment for dozens of years. OSI Group has a focus on producing protein products which are served at supermarkets and restaurants around the world. For example, in its early days, OSI Group was the sole provider of hamburger patties to the fast-food giant, McDonald’s.

Growth Continues

Today, several decades later, it is still providing McDonald’s, though the production and distribution models have changed. Today Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and it has grown to many international markets in at least 17 countries.

OSI in Germany and the Netherlands

OSI Group’s latest acquisition, Baho Food, has placed it in Germany, where it will be operating in Germany and in the Netherlands according to Sheldon Lavin its CEO. Baho Food serves 18 countries throughout Europe. Now that Baho Food has been acquired OSI plans to increase its production as well as expand its market share throughout Europe.

The recent acquisition of Flagship Europe by OSI allows the company to expand into many other parts of Europe with different product lines like frozen poultry and condiments. Now, these products will be available to the markets of Spain and Germany.

Continued Growth in the United States

The domestic growth within the USA has also been expanded by a recent production plant once operated by Tyson Foods. located in the Chicago South Side, near where OSI was first founded by Otto Kolschowsky in Oak Park, Illinois in 1909. Later moved to the Chicago Suburb.

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Matt Badiali- Helping average investors succeed

Matt Badiali is one of the successful investors in America. He also serves as a financial expert who helps others to succeed in financial investments. He attributes his success to the experience he has in investment research and education acquired in geology. Badiali holds a master in geology from Florida’s Atlantic University. The combination of these two experiences allows him to make informed decisions about oil, metals and other commodities. His wish is to see the readers of the Real Wealth Strategist benefit from the opportunities that he identifies. This newsletter has been helpful to thousands of investors from all over the world who want a source of legit and genuine information.

Matt Badiali saw his father struggle to make profitable investments an experience that influenced him to use his expertise to help others who could be struggling as well. Often, Badiali recommends some of the opportunities that his followers should be utilizing. He then follows up his recommendations with a weekly analysis of the progress made. This analysis helps everyone to understand why they are making particular predictions.

Matt Badiali is taking information that has for a long time been a preserve of insider traders to all investors. From experience he acquired, he understands what information is hidden from the majority investors by cartels in the financial sector. With time, he is breaking up their secrets for the benefit of all investors in the world. By helping a large number of investors, one will be making the economy better and therefore create opportunities for more people. Investments should not be a preserve of a small number of people who have access to insider information.

Matt Badiali believes that natural resources are the future and therefore the more people we have today investing in them, the better for the economy. The need to help others inspired him to start The Real Wealth Strategist newsletter in order to reach out to thousands of people around the world who need this information. It is valuable information that can never be found elsewhere. It is also information meant to help the average investors and therefore designed and written in a simple language for all to understand.

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